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Personal property purchased from the U.S.Government may or may not be authorized for export/import from/into the country where the personal property is located. If export/import is allowed, the purchaser is solely responsible for obtaining required clearances or approvals. The purchaser also is required to pass on DOE’s export control guidance if the property is resold or otherwise disposed.
The bidder is invited and urged to inspect the property prior to submitting a bid. A 24 hour notification is required prior to coming to the site(please note:no children allowed) by calling Danielle Tarver (757)269-7025 or Jhirmanda Smith (757)269-7225. Property will be available for public inspection or pick-up at Jefferson Lab, 12000 Jefferson Ave, Newport News, Va. 23606, during the weekdays between 8:30am-3:30pm.

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